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 Clans and Age System

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PostSubject: Clans and Age System   Wed Dec 16, 2015 4:43 am


Everyone is able to choose their own last names, even when you join a samurai clan/group. If you wish to bare the last name of your clan, then you need to have your clan leader's consent. In other cases if you are associated with the clan heads blood line then you will have the clan's last name by default.
If you wish to create your own clan, you can make it your rpc's surname, or you can name your clan something different, but keep in mind. If the clan has a single name like lotus, then it would be best to change your current surname to that.  With warning there may be some conditions you have to meet before joining a clan based on who's the controller of the said province.


For soul samurai we will not go with traditional clans, because for one, this role-play is in a different universe. It would be more interesting to see you all build your own clans, and possibly sword styles (even fighting ones). By you building your own clan, it will to grow into different time-periods, and progress into amazing things. For you to become a clan leader you must meet a set number of requirements and a certain character title. This information can be found in character titles and ranks.  
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PostSubject: Re: Clans and Age System   Sun Jan 17, 2016 2:13 pm

Age System

The aging system is for everyone to make use of, it adds a tad bit of realism to the roleplay. Characters are free to choose their own birth months and days, however, every 2 month in real time your character will age by one year, this also means that one year has passed in the role-play. Some people will start off old, while others young, but in any case you are able to choose your own beginning age for the RPG. 

What happens if i'm inactive on S.S?

Your character will continue to age.

Age updates

Whenever your character has aged, it will need to be updated in not only your character biography, but also your time-log.
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Clans and Age System
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