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There was a recent CSS update to forum pictures that are located in thread topics. The code that was implemented is called lightbox effect, this code allows everyone to click on an uploaded picture within a thread enlarging it. Hope everyone enjoys!

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PostSubject: [Application] Apps   [Application] Apps EmptySun Jan 17, 2016 2:04 pm

Before filling this application out, you need to know what i'm looking for in a moderator. There's been way to many times where people said they'd help me out and never came through, if you do this to me, and everyone else that has placed trust in you to do a specific job, my view on you as a mod will be negative; it could result on you being removed as an officer on the forum. But if I see you trying, then everything will be fine. As a mod, don't tell me what you can't do, I hate that, have faith, and ask questions. I only need people who are capable of doing things I ask of them, if you're not confident about your ability but will still try, I commend you, do your best. I need mods who can think for themselves, work with others, forge events, ideas, missions, assist our community with games, awards, and keep watch on the rpg aspect of the forum as well. There will be mods assigned to different locations of the forum, while super mods will keep an eye on everything.

Game Mods : These are the people who are focused mostly on the groups role-play, and keeping everything organized, and players in check if they get out of line, or decide to cheat. These type of mods also propose missions, and event ideas. 

Game Mod Types:

  • Role-Play Grader¬† - Someone who grades a role-players mission after it has been completed. You will confirm their word count, the EXP they've gained, their influence, and gold.


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[Application] Apps
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