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 Jail System

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PostSubject: Jail System   Mon Jan 25, 2016 4:42 pm


Every province will have a jail, character's who receive bounty by the government will usually be thrown in it if caught by the police, military, or bounty hunters. Being thrown in jail pretty much says you're only a D to C level criminal, meaning you hold no threat to the world. In other words, petty criminal; for dangerous criminals that pose a threat to the entire world will be taken to a prison with maximum security, this prison is known as nine gates of hell. It is held on a distant island away from civilization. Prisoners are held here for the rest of their life, and some times are sent to execution for the world to read about.

Your rpc can stay in jail for up to 1-3 weeks real time, this counts as 1-3 months role-play time if added all together. Pretty much a long time, you can still train your rpcs while in jail, so no worries. However, you can be bailed out of jail but depending on your monthly, or yearly sentence, bails can range to a vast amount of money. It's cheaper to break out of prison if you don't want to spend your cash. Breakin' out of your hell holes aren't as easy either.

If there are no RPC'S at the police station you're located in, then you will perform a number of dice roles. Dice roles are used to see if you will do battle or not while escaping detainment. If there are rpc's within the jail then you'll have to actually fight them, you can also perform escape missions while in jail. But winging it will get you more EXP, and world influence.  
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Jail System
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