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PostSubject: Soul Points   Soul Points EmptyMon Dec 07, 2015 4:54 am

Soul Points

Every Character in the Soul Samurai RPG will have Soul points (SP for short).The SP can also be called the statistics or ability points system because it helps players in the RPG identify with things like, who might be faster, stronger, or more durable than them. It also aids with decimating the purpose of heated debates which could lead to disrespecting one another. If anything, statistics do not lie. SP is tied in with the rank system as well, because as stated - every RPG character starts with SP . More SP is garnered when you increase your rank by earning EXP from missions, events, ect. 

General Attributes

General physical attributes are allocated to 5 categories. These categories are Strength, Speed, Endurance, Stamina and Accuracy. I would like to note that you should not be confused about me saying General Attributes, because they're only ability points, or the same thing as Soul points. Call it whatever you like.

Attributes can be added to your biography by using the template below. You can check how much SP you have to spend on your character from the rank of your character that is known as "base" SP.  You don't have to spend all SP at once, the spent amount goes into "SP spent", and is assigned to each of the five attributes.

When assigning SP, any points earned that are not from base SP must be written separately as base +(extra) as shown in the example below where +6 Soul points  was earned by the individual from being a black smith. Once SP is assigned to the attributes and the biography is approved, you cannot make edits to it, even in the next update you can't change it, you can only add to it, not subtract from it. Your character's stats won't lessen but will only increase overtime.


Bare with me, you're almost done reading this boring thread. I'm not sure if many will question this, but intuition is  telling me. "What if I keep ranking up, won't my SP spent  keep getting larger, what do I do with it?" I advise you to keep it the same, honestly. Whenever your rank updates occur, just add the new SP that you've spent to the old SP. It's going to keep getting larger and larger which is fine, so don't stress. Now I can show you the charts I made for you guys to make your lives easier!

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Points   Soul Points EmptyMon Dec 07, 2015 5:25 am

[STR] Strength

Strength can be conceived of as a combination of actual muscle mass, body size, and physical economy. While an extremely low or high STR is likely noticeable, it doesn't have to mean you're a stick or a mobile wall of muscles. Consider your height, training and health when describing and role playing your strength. Essentially, any melee attack is focused on strength, however, it is important to keep in mind that without some investment in other statistics, your character will find it hard to hit their opponents, or to move in a manner fast enough to not have the attack avoided. Neglecting to invest in strength if you're an archer, or like to throw things, it is not suggested.

The following list discusses each level of strength that you can achieve by allocating points to STR, and the description of that level in terms of strength.

0-3WeakA very weak character with child-like strength.None+00
4-9AdequateStill weak but enough to get the job done. Strength is compared to a skinny adult.None+00
10-19AverageStandard Human StrengthNone+01
20-29Above AveragePhysically fit, well above standard human strength, but still convincing.Able to lift 3 tons.+0.51.5
30-39AthleteShishou of strength, astonishing body that is comparable to calisthenics  training.Able to lift 8 tons. +12
40-49VigorousStrength is still believable but can defy some weight limitations and put dents in dense objects.Able to jump 5 meters off the ground. Can lift 16 tons.+1.52.5
60-69Super-HumanCompletely out of a human's realm of strength, a simple mind cannot comprehend these levels of might.Able to throw objects to match the speed of a bullet. Can Lift 64 tons. +23
70-79TitanicIncomprehensible strength.Able to lift 100 tons, can jump 15 meters. +2.53.5
80-89BehemothUnnatural, crushing strength, giant like might.Can lift 5,000 Tons.+36
90-100CosmicStrength on par with the entire universe, even put together. It has become unreal.Capable of moving mountains, strength is ultimately incalculable.+57

Be aware that just because you gain accessories that enhance your strength, it  doesn't mean your PHY DMG will increase. Your physical DMG will always remain the same, Your strength damage and weapon damage are separate entities, but they can still work together. Through the strength of your weapon, it will naturally enhance your physical damage (if only the weapon is on you) A weapon's DMG will not enhance your own STR DMG though. In simple terms, weapons may enhance your strength, which could possibly give your more physical DMG; but your weapon's Damage will not be added to your physical damage because the two are different.

Also, in the beginning stages of DMG when related to STR, there won't be any until you reach the level of average. Weapons can imbue your strength or other stat categories depending on what you've bought, earned or made.

* DMG defines how much stronger you are than another who may be close to the same level as you.

Speed traits in Strength is defined as Speed magnitude (SPM) and it's used  for people who fight with weapons like swords, staffs ect. (other professions only if they attempt similar feats.)

Bone Breaking Chart:

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Points   Soul Points EmptyMon Dec 07, 2015 6:13 am

[SPD] Speed

Speed is the combination of someone's overall quickness in physical movement. This type of attribute is not as easily noticeable as the rest as one could have either explosive acceleration or constant fast velocity depending in their physical build. Speed is mainly in charge of your physical movement, such as attacking and avoiding attacks. It is not recommendable to deprive yourself from this attribute, as you would find it difficult to hit opponents, avoid their attacks and keep up with their physical movement.

As one increases their attribute, they become much more faster and increase their physical reaction speeds. The "Speed Magnitude" (SPM) increases as one becomes faster. One with a "2 SPM" will be faster than one with "1 SPM" and so on. The following tables relates the spent PHY with the levels and speed magnitudes of the ranks.

0-3SluggishA very slow character.1None1
4-9Below AverageInadequate human speed.1.5None1.5
10-19StandardStandard human speed.2None2
20-29DynamicBecoming well trained and progressing into foreign movements of speed.2.5 None2.5
30-39AthleteA speed master; body compared to calisthenics but still conceivable.3Capable of leaving behind one after image.3
40-49Peak Human SpeedFaster than the average and above to well above average. Can outrun moving vehicles.3.5None3.5
50-59Prodigy Genius, gifted human speed. 4Able to leave behind 3 after-images4
60-69SupernatrualA simple mind cannot comprehend this level of demi-god type of speed.4.5Can create four speed clones. (Lasts one post)4.5
80-89Hyper SpeedUnnaturally fast, flash speed.6Able to create 8 After images.5
90-100Cosmic Unreal, mind boggling. Speed is on par with cosmic levels.7Able to create 11 after images, can move with incredible speed that is blinding.Beyond teleporting speed.6
Melee speed traits are defined for Martial Artists (other professions as well, only if they attempt similar feats.)

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Points   Soul Points EmptyMon Dec 07, 2015 6:14 am

[ACC] Accuracy

Use of Accuracy:
•Use of freeform in a fight.
•Preciseness in close and ranged wielding weapons.
•Increase in DMG, for ranged and close range custom moves.

Accuracy is a measure of a person’s perceptive ability. Its probably not the easiest stat to demonstrate with your role play, because in real life many of those abilities are handled by very different physiological systems. It primarily affects aim and reflexes, and also allows the character to follow movements more easily, and react to things around them, although a reasonable level of speed would still be required to physically react. It is invaluable to ranged fighters, as an impressive perceptive ability allows them to hit harder, and requires less physical strength for their attacks. Melee fighters also need an appropriate level of this to actually hit their targets.

The following table discusses each level of accuracy that you can achieve by allocating points to ACC, and the description of that level in terms of perception. There are some special levels that give + DMG to all ranges, here are some special levels that give + DMG to all ranged canon moves and custom moves the character obtains and freeform that he/she will use during the role-play battles provided it relies on the ACC attribute.

0-3Rookie's KarmaA character with no sense of precision.None0
4-9Below AverageBetter precision but still sluggish.None0
10-19StandardUnderdeveloped perception.None0
20-29DynamicBetter at tracking movement, good precision.Can send or throw projectiles while running. Can focus on 2 opponents in battle.+0.5
30-39Precise Good enough to strike minor organs.Can focus on 3 opponents and hit minor organs.+1
40-49DecisiveMaster of Accuracy and exactness. Amazingly good precision, but still conceivable.Can throw or shoot projectiles 15 meters off ground; capable of focusing on 5 opponents at once.+1.5
50-59ForeseerUnbelievably precise. Cannot be comprehended by simple minds. Good enough to strike major organs.Can hit vital organs and strike in areas with low viability such a smoke.+2
60-69Hawk's EyeNatural exactness, always on hit.Can multi-focus on 8 opponents simultaneously. +2.5
80-89Devil's EyeVision of an immortal, compared to nature its self.Can see at a very long range (100 meters) with the naked eye.+3
90-100Divine EyeVision on par with a divine, exactness to extremes.Internal accuracy, able to see minute detailing which allows one to use less energy. Extreme calculation of muscles, movements and wind. +4SPM (Speed magnitude attribute)+4
Accuracy stat also comes with a characteristic of reaction to those given speeds. The simplicity is, are you even able to follow a speed with your eye? And if yes, how fast of a speed can your eyes follow? The following table covers at what speed magnitude you can follow:


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PostSubject: Re: Soul Points   Soul Points EmptyMon Dec 07, 2015 6:46 am

[END] Endurance

Use of Endurance:
•Use taking attacks and durability

Endurance is a measure of health, fitness and physical resilience. Toughness is another word that comes to mind. Even more so than Strength, a high or low endurance might not be immediately obvious by looking at someone's body. But extreme scores are probably noticeable. Remember that your END score is a measure of healthiness throughout your character's life. It also deals with their resistance to toxins and disease, and a person’s endurance for strenuous activities, towards temperature extremes, and it also measures their overall vitality. It is interrelated with damage magnitude of a move because that allows us to measure how much tough a person is in a fight. The following table shows how at how much endurance points you can take how much DMG from various ranks of techniques. This is all you can take, not a single extra hit. This is your character's upper limit of taking damage.

Note:  for your freeform attacks (which is basic fighting) subtract the END DMG by 0.5; So if your Endurance DMG is set to 14 and you get hit once, your DMG will drop to 13.5; freeform moves only do half DMG. Your characters will continue to grow in physical strength and the stronger they get, their DMG will naturally increase so you can add 0.5 to your ranking STR DMG levels to become more effective during combat. In summary add 0.5 of DMG to your free-form attacks that revolve around normal close range combat. If you're on the recieving  end of this, as stated you'll subtract 0.5, but keep in mind. People's STR DMG will increase so you'll have to take in account of their full DMG and that's with 0.5 added.

4-9Below AverageNone4
30-39Rock*Prevents E-D Laceration, but not dmg.10
40-49BrickCan survive minor organ destruction.12
50-59Iron WallPrevents E-B Laceration, but not dmg.14
60-69TankBones can no longer be broken or shattered.16
70-79Castle FortressCan survive major organ destruction.18
80-89Demi-god*Prevents E-S Laceration, but not dmg.20
90-100CosmicCan survive total minor organ destruction.22

*Prevents Laceration* <- this is closely related to any technique done by hand to hand techniques, which means they can't break or tear your flesh open. The only thing you'll take is DMG. In addition, laceration means your movements won't be hindered by a ranks damage; you can charge without worry but you will still take damage, you just won't slow down. There are other methods to slowing down an opponent, but that depends on self and free-form knowledge. I will say once more, regular hand to hand techniques will not cut through your body, even if it's purchased in shop, or custom made. But even if your bones are the strongest, you should watch out for sharp blades because those can cleanly cut through anyone.

Before I end this section, I'd like to say what the DMG represents on the Endurance chart even though I said it earlier in this post, you should only look it at the DMG as a health gauge in a sense. The more DMG you take, the lower your endurance will be, the more endurance your gain by ranking up will determine how much DMG you can withstand. In the spoiler below, you'll see 3 additional DMG gauges that can only be obtained through special missions when you reach the later rank stages.

Special DMG Gauges:

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Points   Soul Points EmptyMon Dec 07, 2015 6:51 am

[STA] Stamina

Soul Points Stamin10

Unlike the other charts, this is a single column, because it's mainly used for special custom techniques or techniques that can be found in the RPG Shop that are fixated on fighting professions. If you don't want to rely on your aura to save you in a battle, you can rely on this system. The higher stamina you posses, the more physical moves you can perform, and powerful ones included. All moves, whether custom or bought will cost stamina points. For a small example, if you have 10 Stamina and the technique you want to use costs 5 stamina points, you have to use half of your 10 stamina points to perform the desired technique.

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Points   Soul Points EmptyMon Dec 07, 2015 6:16 pm

Special Stats

In Soul Samurai, many characters have impressive passive skills that were earned from their ways of living. Some examples would be incredible sense of smell and will,while others have vast amounts of knowledge.

Those skills will be implemented into this RP to help your characters out. You can have every last one of the passive skills if you please, but if you tried to rank them up at once, or evenly, that would take forever. Professing in a passive category makes you interesting to learn about, you could call this  a personality perk if you will. Every character in the RP will choose one of the passive skills listed below. Your primary skill must reflect your personality and back ground. Don't worry though, this is just a single skill you start out with, specific missions for other skills you want will be available in the mission forum. These skills don't only affect you, they will also affect other RPG characters, so it's important that no one will over-look another's influence or special skills. This is to make the RPG more enjoyable.

  • Will - Exposes how crazy you can be in battle, even when your endurance gauge has hit zero, you're capable of standing back up for a few more licks to the face.

  • Charisma - You don't really need to go out and search for people, because they will always come to you. They naturally adore you, and just about listen to anything you say, and are willing to help you. You can persuade just about anyone, even very knowledgeable individuals.

  • Knowledge - Something that is vital for every being to have, the more knowledge that is obtained, the more you can address any situation properly. Even identify things quicker than your average knowledgeable person.

  • Stealth -  you can barely be heard or seen by anything.

  • Hearing - Hearing during combat is something vital, you may not be able to keep up with speeds, but you can certainly detect their movement through sound.

  • Poison Immunity - There may be poisons out there that can drop killer whales in 5 seconds, but not you!

Tenacity4 - 29Having some hope you can change the tide of the battle if you stand once more. Enough to impress some, but not all.Can only withstand 1 more hit.
Formidable30 - 69Many find your level of taking damage very interesting, and slightly scary that you can stand up from such attacks. They will feel fear, but won't show it on their face, only some will.Can withstand 3 more hits.
Terrifying70 -89One in a million, a multitude of people can't understand why you can stand. Fear is written all over an opponent's face - to some you protect, they feel hope, but to an enemy, they are baffled and scared straight.Can withstand 5 more hits.
Monster90-100Just what the hell are you? Is there an end to this punishment you'll take?! Many believe you weren't sent by god, but the devil himself. Most opponent's quit and leave you alone by now.Can Withstand 7 more hits.

Adequate4-29Not the best crayon in the box, but you do hold a basic level of knowledge, like traveling, animals, or anything nature related. With this skill, you can slightly meta-game when things are related to nature, don't get out of line with it though.
Well-Read30-69You've gained more world knowledge on famous people, sites, and trivial things the world has to offer. Your knowledge has grown so vastly, you can identify what any symbol means.
Genius70-89Your quite the special one, because you can closely watch how people fight. You can predict certain movements now, and figure out how techniques work in a matter of minutes. An intellectual force to be reckoned with. Many praise you to the point they want you on their team, and will offer handsome offers of gold just to get you.
Professor90-100With the level of knowledge you possess, you're almost untouchable, you know just about every region in the world, how to get there through safe travels, an expert in nature, sea, music, famous people, weapons. You're practically able to explain almost anything and everything there is now.

Special4-29There's an atmosphere about you many can't put their finger around, it's so interesting they have to follow, and spend more time with you. Your ability at attracting people is in it's baby stages, but if anything, it's impressive.
A light30-69You've reached a point where you feel like speaking your mind a lot more often than others, and this time around people will hear your voice. The steady rhythm and passion that you speak with, draws many people in, they want to follow you and your commands.
Natural Born Leader70-89Many don't have the confidence you do, or the words to make someone awaken the strength they've kept locked away. If anything you have the vocal capabilities of pulling this off. Many compare you to god, or their god - they praise you constantly, even in death. You can impress anyone at this point without giving a back story.
God's Vessel90-100When you die people will make up stories about you being alive, this is how powerful your influence has become. By this point, without releasing nen, you're already terrifying. Either that, or a warm presence people simply love to be around. You can literally charm every, and everyone. Many place you a step above god, even though they shouldn't.
*Charisma is something extremely rare to come by, only some people will have access to this trait, this can only be obtained by dice role*

Mouse Stepper 
4-29You're a quiet one alright, those with normal ears can't hear you at all, but you're still sloppy, tighten up!
Non-existent30-69You've gotten a real grasp on the art of stealth, many don't reach this talent. Very, Very impressive, people with average ears can't even detect your soundless movement, or your lack of presence.
Buddha70-89As quiet as the Buddha whenever he's meditating , you're like a ghost now, even in plain site you can be hard to detect. Not only through sound but some what physically.
Ghost90-100A master of stalking, only highly advanced ears can pick up the sounds of your movements.

Gifted4-29You were born with a very special talent, a talent that involves hearing. You can differentiate between anyone's foot steps. This will help you track down enemies or save friends - or you could use it for other purposes.
Satellite 30-69Your ears are like satellites now, because they've become good enough to hear a person's emotional state based on their heart beats. You can even tell if someone is lying due a heart beat.
God's messenger.70-89You can hear a whisper from 100 meters away, under rain, lightning, and car traffic. You're ears are so great by now, that even someone with the highest level of stealth couldn't mask enough sound around you.
Divine90-100The ears that are one of a kind, no one has a pair of those! you can literally hear 200 meters away! there's almost nothing that you can hear.

Poison Immunity
Average Resistance4-29Reduces DMG every post by 0.9
Adequate Resistance30-59Reduces DMG every post by 0.5
Outlandish Resistance60-69Reduces DMG every post by 0.2

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Points   Soul Points EmptyFri Jan 08, 2016 11:44 pm


Recovery is your character’s ability to heal from damage after treatment or certain amount of rest. This stat is unchangeable for each character. Recovery Time is decided by how much damage you have taken during a fight. You have to go through a rest period corresponding to the amount of DMG suffered. For every 2 DMG you suffered during a mission/adventure/fight, you have to rest for 1 Day (24 Hours from when the Grading was posted) and it will increase for every additional 2 DMG until you get up to a maximum of Seven (7) Day Wait Period.
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