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 Training System

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Training System

The training system plays a major role in the Soul Samurai RPG because it is one of the major routes that makes you more skilled and stronger, without training you won't grow. Without the training system you wouldn't be able to use custom techniques or in shop techniques, not even aura its self. TP (Training Points) can be related to currency in a way, the longer your training posts, the more points you can earn, training points can be spent on AP (Aura Points). If you want to increase your aura categories, you have to earn AP! Every two days out of the week you can earn around 4 to 6 Training points, but during your novice levels you can only earn 1-3 training points, after leaving novice level, you can regularly earn 4-6 points a day. After you have earned your TP you can go to the Training Points Exchange thread to earn AP. It's up to you whether or not you want to spend all of your points because you can save some of them. If you should go to the exchange topic, you will be given your requested AP. Lastly, even if you hit the limit for earning TP, you can still earn XP and if you have a new ability you will still have to train it, but if you hit the two day limit for earning TP, you won't be earning TP as you practice.

 The reason for this training system is to make sure the RPG can last for a very long time, this will make things more enjoyable and allow you to focus on other aspects of the RP rather than just getting powerful all the time. One of the reasons I love this system is because it promotes quality posting, and in some cases character development. So in summary, training  points are spent on aura points. Well everyone, here's the chart you'll go by for training. 

Training Guide

200 Words = 1 TP

300 Words = 2 TP

400 Words = 3 TP

500 Words = 4 TP

600 Words = 5 TP

700 Words = 6 TP

800 Words = 5 XP

900 Words = 7XP

1,000 Words = 7XP + 400 Gold

2,000 Words = 7XP + 5,000 Gold
3,000 Words = 10XP +7,000 Gold

4,000 Words = 14XP + 10,000 Gold

5,000 Words = 14XP + 12,000 Gold

8,000 Words = 17XP + 10 TP (Can only be done once a  week)

Experience Points

If you want to rank aura based abilities or even fighting professions, you have to spend exp on them. All aura abilities will be custom made. Physical close range attacks will vary because there will be in-shop move-sets.

Training Techniques

To ensure that everyone will train their techniques, i'll be making a small guide you all can abide by.

  • E-Rank to B-Rank Moves Require 50 Words Per Move to train. Even if Custom.

  • A-Rank to Z Rank Moves Require 100 Words Per Move to train. Even if Custom.

  • Rank 1 to Rank 3 Moves Requires 150 Words Per Move To train.
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Training System
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