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 Faction Descriptions

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PostSubject: Faction Descriptions   Faction Descriptions EmptyTue Feb 16, 2016 2:37 am

PIRATES - A pirate is an individual who choose to live their life free of rules, and they take what they want. They live their lives traveling the seas and defying the world government as a whole, if anyone is more rebellious than anyone, it is them. It impossible to generalize all pirates because they all have their own agendas, and goals to accomplish.

ADVENTURERS - Adventurers are people with no clear motive or allegiance. They just want to explore the world, uncover its mysteries, and have a fun time doing so. It is not an adventurer's goal to engage in battle, and they desire strength simply as a means of protecting themselves. As such, despite their easygoing nature that can be considered somewhat similar to a pirate's, they are pacifists who do not desire conflict. Adventurers try not to get involved in major world issues, and instead prefer to follow their own paths, free of the burdens of society.

SAMURAIS - Samurais live by the way of their swords and are considered people of important status as they hold special positions in the world just by their title. These men and women are considered the most noble of warriors and usually are qualified to join the police force, military, and navy. Most importantly a samurai is an individual with an unbelievable will for the countries they fight for making them formidable opponents for every faction.
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Faction Descriptions
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