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There was a recent CSS update to forum pictures that are located in thread topics. The code that was implemented is called lightbox effect, this code allows everyone to click on an uploaded picture within a thread enlarging it. Hope everyone enjoys!

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 Staff Check & Gradings

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PostSubject: Staff Check & Gradings   Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:08 am

After completing missions, or adventures, come here to let a mod know your done. There's no need to tag anyone here either; do not PM or ask a mod to check, they'll get to it when they can. If your mission for some reason has gone unchecked for a two to three days, then it is fine to notify someone. Other than that, please be patient. Make sure you follow the code below before posting.


[b]Issue or Request:[/b][/size]

Link: Link to the thread. you did the mission in.
Type: Mission? Battle? Adventure? Traveling? Training?
Issue or Request:
If battle or any other specific issue regarding the submission you are requesting mention here, otherwise leave blank.
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Staff Check & Gradings
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