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PostSubject: Taigan   Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:01 am


Taigan - たいがん (Will), or also known as the Buddha's great vow. It is a strange force that is found in everything that has life. Many don't know where the power came from, but people associate Taigan with the late Tathagata Gautama who gave his life in order to protect everyone from Brahma Trimutri. It was said when Tathagata perished his will passed on to every living being, and creature. There are three types of Taigan. Tetsu IchidanZenkei SekaiganKingan Taigan.

Tetsu Ichidan:


Zenkei Sekaigan:


Kingan Taigan:


If you don't posses Kingan Taigan, it doesn't mean your character can't resist people who can use it. No matter what Taigan category you have under your belt, what determines the strentgh of these three skills is their tiers, if a tier is higher than yours it means they are stronger, but you can resist their overwhelming will.It doesn't mean you're safe from it though, it is possible to experience wooziness if a tier is one level higher, for weaker taigan users you will be knocked out.

Now that everything there is to know about Taigan is out of the the way, there are smaller details that make the users interesting among others. Not every Taigan user will be able to master each tier, while others can. Not every user will be granted all three Taigan techniques, the general use of taigan will be Iron Body, and Panoramic Eye. Kingan Taigan, can use all three techniques. CM will stand for can't master, and and M will stand for master, meaning you can master the technique by obtaining each tier. Not being able to fully master a taigan technique means you can only reach a certain number. Based on each taigan type, here is a simple list for those who can't fully master their types. Even though there will be taigan missions for you to obtain the ability, you must perform a dice roll to see which taigan you qualify for after you bio is made.

  • Tetsu Ichidan - Tier 4
  • Zenkei Sekaigan - Tier 5
  • Kingan Taigan - Tier 4

Common Taigan

  • Majin - Iron Body - M /  Panoramic Eye - M

  • Divine Force - Panoramic Eye - M / Iron Body - CM

  • Zenith - Iron Body - M / Panoramic Eye - CM

Uncommon Taigan

  • Flaming Soul - King's Will - CM / Panoramic Eye - M / Iron Body - M

  • Morning Star - King's Will - M / Panoramic Eye - CM / Iron Body - M

  • Dying Will - King's Will - M / Panoramic Eye - M / Iron Body - CM

  • King Alpha - King's Will - M / Panoramic Eye - M / Iron Body - M

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PostSubject: Re: Taigan   Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:09 am

Taigan part 2

This is the final section for Taigan, this section will cover a more firm structure. We'll go over  the limits of the tiers and how you can increase their usage during combat. Also, when you read how to obtain the taigans and training them. Those rules still apply, but those are the general word counts and experience costs, there are tiers within tiers you must meet, because to keep using the technique you need to enhance its power for longer usage. When you have finally meet the inner tier requirements, then you can go on to the next tier completing its general requirements, then start working on the inner requirements. So to sum things up, you'll start with tier one, and meet the general requirements it asks of you, then you will start working on the inner tier requirements, after that you can start on your second tier. So forth, and so forth. (It is reccomended that you obtain the basic skills of Panoramic Eye, and Tetsu Ichidan first.)  

Tetsu Ichidan General Tier and Inner Tiers:

Zenkai Sekaigan  General Tier and Inner Tiers:

Kingan Taigan General Tier and Inner Tiers:
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